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wisconsin bb-64

New Jersey & Wisconsin
USS Wisconsin (left), Uss New Jersey (right)

    Wisconsin departed Norfolk on 25 October 1951 and arrived in Yokosuka, Japan on 21 November where she relieved New Jersey as flagship for Commander Seventh Fleet prior to embarking for Korean waters on 26 November.  She was relieved as flagship of the Seventh Fleet on 1 April 1952 by sistership Iowa
    On 15 March 1952 she received the first direct hit in her history, when one of four shells from a communist 155-millimeter gun battery struck the shield of a starboard 40-millimeter mount.  Although little material damage resulted, three men were injured.  Wisconsin swiftly retaliated and subsequently blasted that battery to oblivion with a 16-inch salvo before continuing her mission.
    On her second tour to Korea, Wisconsin again relieved New Jersey as flagship on 12 October 1953.  She relinquished Seventh Fleet's flag on 1 April 1954 and returned to the United States soon thereafter.

Dom Menta
Dom Menta
Wisconsin Web Site Historian
PH3  Menta, SN Fulton, amp; SN Shelton
PH3 Dom Menta, SN Marve Fulton, SN Fred Shelton
1953 - Outside the Photo Lab next to 40MM Mount

Wisconsin in Yokosuka 1953
USS Wisconsin (BB 64) at Yokosuka, Japan - 1953

Photo Courtesy of Wisconsin Association


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