Cross The Equator Again - October 1944

CO, Capt Wiley Captain H. V. WILEY, U. S. Navy
Commanding Officer

"Captain Wiley, it is a greqat pleasure to see you once more.  When last we met you were commanding the Destroyer Squadron of the Asiatic Fleet, and I recall with pride the way you and your trusty Shellbacks gave the Japs hell at Makassar Straits, off Bali, and in the Java Sea.  May your sucesses follow you on the USS West Virginia."

- Neptunus Rex

Commander G. J. KING, U. S. Navy
Executive Officer

"Commander King, on your first visit to my domain you were aboard the USS New Mexico, when the fleet cruised to Australia in 1925.  Well do I remember your battle against unsurmountable odds at Bataan in 1942.  Gratified I am that I was there to guide the submarine out when you made your escape at the last possible moment, for now I see you are bringing back a worthy crew to exterminate those dastard Japs from the Royal Domain."

- Neptunus Rex

XO, Cdr King

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All photographs, text, and cartoons relating to
USS West Virginia Crossing the Equator
were taken from the publication
Edited by R. O. Baumrucker, Litutenant, USNR
Cartoons by D. L. Johnson, Mus3c, USNR

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