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Ship Plaques

Wood Plaque with ceramic ship logo
$18.95 + 1 1/2 lb shipping cost

example of Plaque

Ship List
Cruiser Destroyer Group 3
USN Insignia
RTR MCRD San Diego
USS Cushing DD 985br
USS Abraham Lincoln
USS Bristol County LST 1198
USS Cayuga LST 1186
USS Chandler DDG 996
USS California CGN 36
USS Cowpens CG 63
USS Copeland FFG 25
USS Coronado AGF 11
USS Crommelin FFG 37
USS Cleveland LPD 7
USS Fitzgerald DDG 62
USS Fox CG 33br
USS Ford FFG 54
USS Shiloh CG 67
USS Gridley CG 21
USS George Philip FFG 12
USS Hopper DDG 70
USS Ingraham FFG 61br
USS John Young DD 973
USS Kinkaid DD 965
USS Kansas City AOR 3
USS Long Beach CGN 9
USS Oldendorf DD 972
USS Paul F Foster DD 964
USS Princeton CG 59
USS Rainer AOE 7
USS Shasta AE 33br
USS Sterrett CG 31
USS Schenectady LST 1185
USS Tarawa LHA 1
USS Valley Forge CG 50
USS Wadsworth FFG 9
USS Willamette AO 180
USS Lewis B Puller FFG 23
USS Reid FFG 30
CPO 100th Anniversary
Fighting 302 Stallions
VAW 110 Firebirds/Final Crew
USCGC Sherman WHEC 720
Personnel Support Activity DET Point Loma
VAW 110
HSL 43 Battle Cats
USS Carl Vinson Battle Group

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