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Military Gifts

Military Gifts for Veterans? You've come to the right place. We have all kinds of Gifts From Patches, Plaques, Cups, Mugs, Tee Shirts, Caps, even Mouse Pads. Choose from many different gifts for your special military someone.

Military Ships

Trying to get a little peace of your ships Memorabilia? Look at our Patches, Plaques, Cups, Mugs, Tee Shirts, Caps and more for all kinds of military ships.  We have Plaques for all the Ships, Stations (active and/or being inactivated) or any Reunions.  If you want your picture on the Plaque with your ship than call us at  (949) 443 9103. 


Military Message Board

Also A Bulletin Board that you can post at and find old ship mates to chat with in our new chat room for your ship.


Military History

History on Military Ships


All your Military Gift and Memorabilia Needs


Investment Cups 50th Anniversary of VJ Day
The 80th Anniversary Veterans Day Mugs
The Collectors Edition
Veterans Cup
Columbia Cups Diffrent Columbia Mugs
A columbia STS mug collection
Special Occasion Cups The Decommissioning of the U.S.S. Missouri
Company or Organization Events
Missouri cup


Custom Caps Custom made Crew Caps & Officer Caps Custom Hats


Nylon & Cotton Jackets Jackets with Ship's Name & Hull Number in all sizes and colors jacket

Space Shuttle Collector's Items

Limited and Rare

Challenger 41C Collector's Coin with Crew Names on front and "First Satellite Repaired in Space, april 19, 1984 " on reverse. Coin

Covers, Mugs, &

Cancelled First Day Covers
Space Shuttle Collector Magazines
First Day Covers


Colection of Columbia Memerbila
Coins, Decales, Patches, Pins, Buttions and More

Ship Histories, Photographs, Patches, & Plaques

Ship Histories

Ship Histories and Pictures for all U.S. Navy ships, WWII Army Transports, and Merchant Marine ships. Ship Histories

USS Missouri
Historic Photographs

Historic photographs of USS Missouri Commissioning and Japanese Surrender in Tokyo Bay. Japanese Surrender Ceremony

Ship Plaques

Official Naval Memorabilia Plaques.  Made of brass (or ceramic) and mounted to a walnut base.  Ship's emblem and motto are emblazoned on most.  Most are over 25 years old and some are WWII vintage.

Pearl Harbor Collector Series

Military Trading Cards of ALL ships which were present at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 are available.  Learn the facts and details about U.S. Naval units involved in the Pearl Harbor attack.  The cards provide a narrative of each ship's activity on that fatal morning along with a photo and profile. Pearl Harbor

For all your military gift needs, perfict place to get a gift for a veteran.
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