50th of VJ Day

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The 50th Anniversary of VJ Day

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The 50th Anniversary of VJ Day Mug

    Bremerton, Washington 1995

    Ceremonies were held commemorating the 50th anniversary of V..J. Day September 2, 1995, aboard the U.S.S. Missouri. Historical events such as this deserves special recognition in remembrance of the occasion. The Special Events Co. has produced a limited edition "V.J. 50th Collectors Set" and is now available while supplies last.

    Limited Edition Collector Sets

    Anniversary Of The Signing Of Japan's Surrender
    To The Allied Forces

    Also available serialized telephone cards as signed replicas that was given to all in attendance at the signing of the surrender on September 2, 1945 in Tokyo Bay

    Commemorating All Men and Women
    Who Participated In World War II

    $50.00 Dollars (non serialized) +  Shipping and Handling

    Beautifully Designed and Manufactured

    These cups have been designed by Shockwave Entertainment and A Movie Graphics Company with design credits for such movies as "True Lies" and "Titanic" to name just a few. All cups are manufactured in beautiful 22K Gold which is overlayed on dark ceramic. Each cup is worthy of becoming a collectors item in its self, as well as becoming a smart future investment.

    Individually Serialized and Numbered

    Don't Let This Offer Pass You By...

    Not Available In Retail Outlets Anywhere

    These collector cups will not be sold in any retail outlet. They can only be purchased through Special Events Company of Capistrano Beach, CA.

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